Victor Stamov Fly long... without thermals

About the Competition

Victor's last moments were spent doing what he loved and excelled at - competing in free-flight on the flying field.

We invite the global community of free-flight enthusiasts to take part in this new self-running competition.

This competition will follow an original format:

  • Go out with your friends at any day to any flying field around the world or a dedicated sunrise competition event.
  • Make five (minimum of three) to the ground flights in the morning after sunrise in memory of Victor.
  • Fly any regular class models F1A, F1B, F1C, F1G, F1H, F1Q, F1S, P-30.
  • Or try new glider categories F1A50 or F1H50 by launching without accelaration with 50m or shorter line
  • Time each other or use an altimeter to record your results in a fair and objective manner.
  • Remember to write down the time of launch and save your altimeter data (if you have one).
  • Send your results and data on startcard by mail to VSM organizer.
  • All results will be available on this web site so you can see how well you did compared to others.

Getting Started

Please browse the following documents for more information on this new innovative series:

You can easily join the competion by mailing your flight results on the startcard.