04/17 – VSM report from Sunrise contest in Welzheim/ Germany

Sunday morning 6 o’clock in Welzheim:
5°C, no cloud in the sky, the almost full moon just goes under and it is nearly calm. A 2m thick layer of soil fog draws over the flying terrain, where the 43th sunrise flying took place. Frank Adametz has prepared as first his new F1A model FA29, which is still on the way of best trimming. Due it was still dawning and the layer of fog looks a little mysterious, Frank put the Flash LED quick on his model and then he “catapult” it to over 90 m height. And it was really so calm, that his LDA model was landing after 6 min 5sec nearly at same place where he started.

170409AltimeterChart Frank Adametz        VSM 1704 the glance of sunrise freeflight

This flight had a sinking rate of 0,25 m/ sec. All other flights this morning were really sunrise flights in still air glide down to earth without thermal influence. With 333,7 sec  as VSM average time Frank Adametz take over the lead in VSM category LDA.  Take a view on  http://vsmsunrise.org/blog/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/VSM-performance.pdf , where you find the actual VSM performance list as also the VSM categories in F1H and F1A under  http://www.vsmsunrise.org/blog/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/VSMcategories2017.pdf

In F1B enjoyed 3 competitors this lovely morning and demonstrated with 3 flights over 5 minutes also the high performance of a modern F1B. Thomas Wiesiolek could take with 282,7 sec now the lead of VSM in F1B.  Followers are invited to improve this performance.

Due the weather conditions had shown up calm air several days before, it was a pity that no more competitors especially in F1A had shown up. Such a stabile sunrise weather is not to receive every day. But 9 participants and 5 helpers were enjoying this sunrise event and like every year a 2nd breakfast was offered after the contest in the nature friend house of Welzheim. This sunrise contest  is a classical  event in the German Freeflight calendar and willbe organized since 43 years by Bernhard Schwendemann. Of course not every year the weather was so perfect like this year, but it is every year a new challenge and great happening.

Start your own Sunrise Event in your country with your friends and make your experience with the glance of sunrise freeflight ! 

More impressions of this 43th SUNRISE contest you will find on: www.thermiksense.de/index.php/wettbewerbe/988-wettbewerbsergebisse-2017.html

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