04/17 – VSM report from Sunrise contest in Welzheim/ Germany

Sunday morning 6 o’clock in Welzheim:
5°C, no cloud in the sky, the almost full moon just goes under and it is nearly calm. A 2m thick layer of soil fog draws over the flying terrain, where the 43th sunrise flying took place. Frank Adametz has prepared as first his new F1A model FA29, which is still on the way of best trimming. Due it was still dawning and the layer of fog looks a little mysterious, Frank put the Flash LED quick on his model and then he “catapult” it to over 90 m height. And it was really so calm, that his LDA model was landing after 6 min 5sec nearly at same place where he started.

170409AltimeterChart Frank Adametz        VSM 1704 the glance of sunrise freeflight

This flight had a sinking rate of 0,25 m/ sec. All other flights this morning were really sunrise flights in still air glide down to earth without thermal influence. With 333,7 sec  as VSM average time Frank Adametz take over the lead in VSM category LDA.  Take a view on  http://vsmsunrise.org/blog/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/VSM-performance.pdf , where you find the actual VSM performance list as also the VSM categories in F1H and F1A under  http://www.vsmsunrise.org/blog/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/VSMcategories2017.pdf

In F1B enjoyed 3 competitors this lovely morning and demonstrated with 3 flights over 5 minutes also the high performance of a modern F1B. Thomas Wiesiolek could take with 282,7 sec now the lead of VSM in F1B.  Followers are invited to improve this performance.

Due the weather conditions had shown up calm air several days before, it was a pity that no more competitors especially in F1A had shown up. Such a stabile sunrise weather is not to receive every day. But 9 participants and 5 helpers were enjoying this sunrise event and like every year a 2nd breakfast was offered after the contest in the nature friend house of Welzheim. This sunrise contest  is a classical  event in the German Freeflight calendar and willbe organized since 43 years by Bernhard Schwendemann. Of course not every year the weather was so perfect like this year, but it is every year a new challenge and great happening.

Start your own Sunrise Event in your country with your friends and make your experience with the glance of sunrise freeflight ! 

More impressions of this 43th SUNRISE contest you will find on: www.thermiksense.de/index.php/wettbewerbe/988-wettbewerbsergebisse-2017.html

VSM 2016 season is running and 50th VSM flight is done … do you are the next ?

Dear VSM friends,

1. actual list of VSM performance

you will find the actual list of all flown VSM sessions in this VSM Blog  under this link:  VSM performance

2. Opening of 2016 season

Gary Madelin flew with  207,3 sec best time in F1H  and Per Findahl with 423,3 sec 2nd best result and great sinking rate of  0,248m/ sec at Fabolous February in Lost Hills ( see the list ).
Last Weekend I went out with the 78 years old german Veteran Wolfgang Schweidler for VSM Season opening flying in Europe. We decide to fly with straigt tow F1H models with short 25m line to have  a real comparision in sinking rate. You don’t need to have  a starting height of 100- 120m  to measure this – with 50 or 25m tow up, you have the same result and much more fun by stressfree flying and enjoying more the sunrise and nature around. You can’t imagine, we were only 2 , due other friends are not coming, but it was such  magnificant and challenging  like  5 Flyoffs. We both  had sooo much pleasure and fun this morning by gliding down from 25m in neutral air and observing every second in near view with open eyes and heart. A meeting with the shooting tenant  and open words from him: you can do , what you want and I do what  I want- eto each his own make this morning to an excellent Motivation happening, that freeflight  is not only : “Higher, longer, further !!” . There is something other in the air, where you can inhale –

IMG_0773            IMG_0782          IMG_0778

Wolfgang flew from 25m height  64 sec  as average time with a sinking rate of 0,392 m/ sec, whereas I flew  with an 40 years old Junior kit from Graupner  (I won the German Junior Champs in 1976 with this model; my first time maxout with  5 maxes) 62,3 sec  as average  with an sinking rate of 0,373 m/sec.   So Wolfgang flew the 50th VSM  session in total !

It was a great VSM moment in honoring Victors great sportsman- and friendships.  Thank you soo much !!!

VSM coordinator


Current VSM performance with all 48 flown sessions

Dear all interested VSM Flyer,

you  will find the actual list of all flown VSM sessions in this VSM Blog in future under this link:  VSM performance.

Highlight will be for sure  following 2 flights:

  • Jama Danier reports in VSM JamaDanier 20150705 from his VSM sunrise flying in July 2015, where he reached 424 sec with 0,225 m/sec sinkingrate. He flew the 1st VSM AltiSim with RDT and Altimeter.
  • Roland Koglot flew on Oct, 24th VSM with Altimeter to the ground and reached 443 sec average with 0,236 m/sec sinkingrate. Please see the document under Roland Koglot VSM flights 20151024 .

We decided, to change the process of data collection to an easier process by mailing now following excel form to me (VSMfreeflight (at) gmail.com )

Please use from now on after having flown any VSM session this excel file Download VSM startcard

The Website will be no longer used as online data entering tool, but there will be installed soon a link to this file inVSM Blog.

VSM coordinator



Roland Koglot flew a great VSM session with 443 sec in average

The World CUP winner Roland  Koglot  waited  in last autumn for the “right” weather and went out on Oct,24th  2015 on his training field in Gorizia / Italy. I t was 5 degrees  at the start at 5.50 AM.

He flew 4 great flights , flight 1-3 with his  2,32 m ribs flapper model  and the 4th with his  2,34m carbon flapper model.

item Data Parameter unit flight VSM result
1 2 3 4 5
Name Roland Koglot flying time sec 451 493 444 435 0 443,3
flown Gorizia/ Italy height m 102,1 103,3 99,7 111,7  
Date 24.10.15 sinking rate m/sec 0,23 0,21 0,22 0,26 0 0,236

After the  VSM rules, the best (493 sec) and worsest ( 0 sec) will be deleted as outlier and from the rest 3 the average will be build.  So 443 sec  is his VSM result and until now the highest.

Due Roland flew with Altimeter, the sinking rate could also calculated in same way and the result  0,236 m/sec  goes into the list of VSM sinkingrate.

More infos you see on Roland Koglot VSM flights 20151024


thanks Roland for the proof, that this VSM works and is very challanging.


Jama Danier reports from his 1st test of VSM AltiSim

Jama Danier (WorldCUP winner 2014 in F1A) made on July, 5th 2015 on a nice Sodfarm in Tottenham/ Canada the 1st testflying with his new 2,50m extra long F1A carbon model as test for World Champs Mongolia and this 3 flights are recorded in the VSM performance as VSM AltiSim.

More general infos about using altimeter and RDT after 3-5 minutes you can find under  VSM2015Altimeter

Results and graph of Jamas fligths see on VSM JamaDanier 20150705

Jama wrote me:

Hi Ansgar,

We’ve been blessed that we got our big sod farm flying field back. Leslie Farkas put lots of effort to arrange that field for Toronto Free Flight flyers. We all really appreciate it!

I flew with altimeter as a “timekeeper”. Sunrise was at 5:45, and I was on the field at 5AM listening to the singing birds! It was completely calm 0m/s. I DTed after about 5 minutes on each flight to have more time to enjoy & fly in that calm and still early morning air. As you can see on each graph, it show predicted time with the very smooth straight line, which also shows that there were no any kind of activity in the air. It was so calm, that I could hear my own heart beat! One more thing, the air wasn’t “thick” and buoyant  like sometimes we have in Lost Hills. For comparison conditions were like in the final fly off on MAXMEN in 2013 when Makarov won.

Usually it is hard to reach 100 meters mark in those extremely calm conditions with my other models but with my new model it was not a big deal. All of them were consistently around 100m with incredibly similar sink rate. My trim was 1 circle about  minutes. Extremely wide circles and model glided extremely slow and landing almost beside my model box! Tony Mathew joined me a bit later and witnessed how I downloaded  the data from my M&K timer/ Altimeter. I am attaching some photos from my Altimeter! The model I flew was my brand new extra long 2.5 meter LDA model with BE Profile. One thing is for sure that physically it was extremely demanding  experience to launch high in those conditions.

no thermals at VSM

Jama Danier

VSM Sunrise Flights in Capannori/ Italy on Sept, 21th

VSM Report by Mario Rocca  – Italian VSM coordinator and VSM Jury member

Mario gave a very good example and offered VSM flying  together with the Italian Championships on  September 20th + 21th  in Cappanori . Unfortunately was he weather  on Saturday unfavourable with some rain and wind, but better on sunday. Entries not many, sunday good flights in still air, an actual pleasure. Sunrise flights were followed by Coppa Italia Due( F1G, F1H Euro Challenges).

Mario wrote  a short report  and you can feel his enthusiasm between his  words:

Such attracting experience was held in the same days of Coppa Italia 2, F1G international classic event in Euro Challenge. So we had not the benefit of choosing the proper days for a Sunrise. Saturday wind and some rain affected the event, decreasing the useful time for launching. Sunday, despite bad meteo forecast, good luck assisted, and we could fly our dragonflies in still air from 6,30 to 7,30 without thermals.

Both days were a fun for an èlite, as you can see from results, and from the poor supporting, we hope to arrange some photos in addition to these words. Further reason: all competitors were so engaged to get fun from the moment, that nobody took care of anything but launching!!

Have now the impressions of an over 70’s, still enthusiast of free flight and simple flying machines: Sunrise is funny! No matter of early awakes, how many hours wasted in bed, following the endless loop of our troubles. Sunrise flights make you feel young, and remember when in the darkness you reached the railway station, walking with bag and model boxes, taken up with high thoughts….. how to fly my new model at the top Flying field was far away, sure you would meet old friends and new competitors, don’t let them down, boy.

                                                                                                   Mario Rocca

Mario was F1C World Champion  1979 in Taft  and is now flying simple F1G and F1B models without any steering, but much enthusiasm

see the VSM results  under  Capannori VSM 2014

My impressions of opening flying VSM

Dear freeflight friends,

This challenge has been newly installed on July, 1st and is open for everybody to fly just short after sunrise. As in my living area the agricultural fields are harvested in the last July weeks, I planned to go out flying VSM and was waiting some days for the right calm weather window with ideal flying conditions. On August 1st and 8th I had the great luck with magnificant sunrise conditions by low windspeed with less then 1 m/sec.

I know from many people, that they are  interested and like this new format. That until now no results are entered, has different reasons:

  • It need time to spread the infos to all freeflight sportsmen and to get familiar with the  rules, to plan such a VSM flying
  • to find the right morning with calm condition, but not everywhere in July possible. In middle Europe the harvest of agricultural fields has started and now in August beginning easier to find free fields for VSM – I know, that  2 times out and must stop the VSM flying, due the place wasn’t huge enough
  • lots of you have concentrated now in preparation for Championships or Worldcup contests and
  • enjoy the summer holiday season with family

In the added report VSMreportAnsgar201408  I give you a brief impression of my 1st  and 2nd VSM flying and  hope you follow soon in near future by flying your VSM sunrise session !

So  let’s   Wake Up, fly VSM … without thermal  and be happy !