Conditions for Altimeter use in VSM

Hi all,

I think it is important to have a common understanding for usage of altimeter in VSM.

In order for an altimeter graph to be admissible, the following rules apply:

The altimeter graph

  1. must include the circle tow sequence, with a minimum of the last two circle - straight tow sequences before launch
  2. must include the actual landing of the model
  3. must show altitude in meters and time in seconds
  4. must  show no thermal activity

Which data are used:

  1. landing position in seconds
  2. launch of the model (0 seconds)
  3. elevation at landing position
  4. elevation at launch (can not be over 52 meters)
  5. the first seconds of the glide will be extrapolated back in time to establish the true maximum altitude (i.e. ‘virtual stalls’ caused by airflow over the sensor will not be taken into account.
  6. details on terrain elevations can be added as additional information



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