Invitation for VSM flying during the World Championships in Szentes

Dear free flight friends!

A World Championships is a great competition, which requires a lot of preparation and takes all of your energy to save your best performance for the contest day. To support your national team’s success is of course a main Goal. I know that the objective of a free flight contest is to find and launch a model into a thermal. In the old days having seven maxes for sure guaranteed you a place on page 1 of the contest results. Today with the technical evolution you can see models flying in calm air and getting 3-4 times better results than the standard MAX. The competitions became much fiercer and to be successful it is necessary to make a lot of practice for long, unlimited flights to the ground as test for a final fly offs in dead air.

VSM sunrise flying is a good way for you to start training in the mornings, when the temperature is pleasant and with the sunrise you will enjoy a brilliant and memorable adventure. To take part in VSM, you don’t have to go out so early at 5”30 AM. It is possible to fly one flight on different mornings around 7.00 o’clock, when the official WorldCup and World Championships starts. Another possibility is to fly two different models, then retrieve both by walking 1 time downwind, so you can have four flights on two different mornings or you find another individual own way … be inventive ! So you are all invited to fly during the World Championship days in Szentes/ Hungary according your own timetable, have 3-5 flights and trim your models for the World Champs FLY OFF! But of course all other, who are not there, can fly at home also VSM during this week also.

If you reach the fly off and your model does not show the best glide or is stalling, you know what you have missed: “… a VSM session the days before!!!
If you want to place in the TOP TEN of this World Championships you need to test the performance of your model in calm air.
More Infos you find on

On August, 6th from 5”30 to 7”30 a VSM sunrise contest will be held before the SZENTES HEC CUP – more info of this F1H contest you find on

I wish you a successfull preparing  time happy to receive your VSM results from the great sunrise of SZENTES !


HEC coordinator


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