Fabulous F1H Team Challenge 2017


Hi F1H competitor at Lost Hills,

you are all invited to take part at  this new Team Event FABULOUS F1H Team Challenge in Lost Hills.
2017 Invitation to Fabulous F1H Team Challenge.

What is HTC ? 

- see What is HTC 


Team set up: 

- National team existing of 3 F1H flyer (proposal see my ranking list down!)
- If not 3 of a country available, mixed teams are also possible

Your to do:

- Confirm your team according the proposal or change it and inform Chris Edge before1st round of IKE!
– Go 3 times out to IKE Winter classic, Max Men and anytime to a VSM session, fly and win!
– please record yourself according  the VSM rules your VSM flight and give the results to Chris Edge!
– if coming home,  please fill in the starcard  VSM17startcard master and send to  VSM coordinator !


- basic ranking are best 2 out of 3 following Lost Hills events:  IKE Winter classic, Max Men and VSM
– independent of overtime in round 1 will be counted the 5 flights with Max time 120 sec = 600 sec!
– as tiebreaker VSM results according the VSM rules will be taken
– IKE 1st round Champagne FLY OFF to the ground can be taken additionally as 1 flight for VSM session,
if the VSM premise are fulfilled: flying in dead, calm air without thermal assistance !
This means: When model climb or stay same height longer time and the time is out of
   standard flying time, this fligth cannot be used for VSM !

Ranking list :

- in added file  Fabulous F1H Team Challenge   will be the  results after IKE winter classic !

Coordinator in Lost Hills will be Chris Edge and Gary Madelin !

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me by WhatsApp under +49 176 43635730 or send a mail to

Ansgar Nüttgens
FabulousF1HteamChallenge@cool.ms  or 



2 thoughts on “Fabulous F1H Team Challenge 2017

  1. Nice to see your F1H contest. With Swedish kit CIKADA equipped with a straight hook I beat on a contest F1A models and made 1st. Hope this model is still available as kit.

    • Hi Reinhard,

      I see your comment . Do you still have a F1H model ? wher you are living ? Do you still have interest in Freeflight ?


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