New 0117 – VSM categories also in F1A

Hi all,

you will ask yourself:  Why we need categories now also in F1A ?
take a view into  HEC overview    and you understand more :-)

Many of you with classic profiles see the +400 sec of the TOP-Flyer Jama, Per & Roland and say:  ” I have no chance, why I should stand up so early to finish on page2 ? “. Hey, exactly that is, why now you  read next chapter.

VSM has the solution to give you a better perspective for measuring your performance with others:

Especially in only gliding mode” flying at sunrise the main difference in performance is the height, where you begin to fly after the launch.

So it’s a big difference,

  • if you start with a straight towhook model in 50m height or
  • if you can go up in the air and circle and making after launch only a small win of height with a zoom start to the side (w/o bunt) let me say to 50-65m ( more popular in F1H, in F1A seldom to see) or
  • if you make a bunt start with classic profile to ~70-75m or
  • with modern F1A you reach with LDA, Hybrid profil a height over 80-100m or
  • as “TOP of the unlimited end” with a Flapper in still air till 110 m.

With categorizing So you fly against sportfriends around the world with more less same “initial position” after start.

You find the actual VSM categories in F1A under   and the detailed  Infos with Background  VSMcategories2017


Have great performance flights

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