VSM Invitation for Fabulous February 2016 in Lost Hills

Dear participants of Fabulous February,

You are welcome to fly at Lost Hills on any free contest day at sunrise your VSM session.

- Trim your model for best gliding mode, it will help to win the next Fly off
- Be sure, you will enjoy the early morning flying after a beautiful sunrise
– You make these silent flights in remembrance and honor of Victor Stamov

  1. Go out on any free morning, when you don’t fly Worldcup contests
  2. Make minimum 3, maximum 5 flights.
  3. As additional relief you can make these VSM flights on different mornings
  4. You can fly different variants
    1. Flying to the ground with timekeeper
    2. Flying to the ground with Altimeter
    3. Flying and RDT after 3 min with Altimeter
  5. In case of flying with altimeter, save the graphs of all flights
  6. After coming home, you download the VSM startcard, fill in and mail with the graph to me

There are 3 types to fly VSM:

  1. “VSM time” – which model has the longest flight   -> flying to the ground
  2. “VSM sinking rate” – which model has the best gliding rate sec/ m  -> flying to the ground
  3.  ”VSM AltiSim” as test mode with RDT after 3 min

If you like to fly VSM and honor Victor Stamov, come to the registration of  KIWI CUP (Roger Morell) or NORTH AMERIKA  CUP (Tony Matthews),  receive a starting card and fly free at any morning. In a group of 5-6 flyers helping and timing each other is a very effective training for great upcoming Fly off’s of these Fabulous February World Cup events. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact following VSM promoter in Lost Hills:  Brian van Nest, Jim Parker, Leslie Farkas, Per Findahl, Gary Madelin, Roland Koglot, Robert Lesko

Best flights with no thermal in VSM
Ansgar Nüttgens

Current VSM performance with all 48 flown sessions

Dear all interested VSM Flyer,

you  will find the actual list of all flown VSM sessions in this VSM Blog in future under this link:  VSM performance.

Highlight will be for sure  following 2 flights:

  • Jama Danier reports in VSM JamaDanier 20150705 from his VSM sunrise flying in July 2015, where he reached 424 sec with 0,225 m/sec sinkingrate. He flew the 1st VSM AltiSim with RDT and Altimeter.
  • Roland Koglot flew on Oct, 24th VSM with Altimeter to the ground and reached 443 sec average with 0,236 m/sec sinkingrate. Please see the document under Roland Koglot VSM flights 20151024 .

We decided, to change the process of data collection to an easier process by mailing now following excel form to me (VSMfreeflight (at) gmail.com )

Please use from now on after having flown any VSM session this excel file Download VSM startcard

The Website will be no longer used as online data entering tool, but there will be installed soon a link to this file inVSM Blog.

VSM coordinator



Roland Koglot flew a great VSM session with 443 sec in average

The World CUP winner Roland  Koglot  waited  in last autumn for the “right” weather and went out on Oct,24th  2015 on his training field in Gorizia / Italy. I t was 5 degrees  at the start at 5.50 AM.

He flew 4 great flights , flight 1-3 with his  2,32 m ribs flapper model  and the 4th with his  2,34m carbon flapper model.

item Data Parameter unit flight VSM result
1 2 3 4 5
Name Roland Koglot flying time sec 451 493 444 435 0 443,3
flown Gorizia/ Italy height m 102,1 103,3 99,7 111,7  
Date 24.10.15 sinking rate m/sec 0,23 0,21 0,22 0,26 0 0,236

After the  VSM rules, the best (493 sec) and worsest ( 0 sec) will be deleted as outlier and from the rest 3 the average will be build.  So 443 sec  is his VSM result and until now the highest.

Due Roland flew with Altimeter, the sinking rate could also calculated in same way and the result  0,236 m/sec  goes into the list of VSM sinkingrate.

More infos you see on Roland Koglot VSM flights 20151024


thanks Roland for the proof, that this VSM works and is very challanging.


Jama Danier reports from his 1st test of VSM AltiSim

Jama Danier (WorldCUP winner 2014 in F1A) made on July, 5th 2015 on a nice Sodfarm in Tottenham/ Canada the 1st testflying with his new 2,50m extra long F1A carbon model as test for World Champs Mongolia and this 3 flights are recorded in the VSM performance as VSM AltiSim.

More general infos about using altimeter and RDT after 3-5 minutes you can find under  VSM2015Altimeter

Results and graph of Jamas fligths see on VSM JamaDanier 20150705

Jama wrote me:

Hi Ansgar,

We’ve been blessed that we got our big sod farm flying field back. Leslie Farkas put lots of effort to arrange that field for Toronto Free Flight flyers. We all really appreciate it!

I flew with altimeter as a “timekeeper”. Sunrise was at 5:45, and I was on the field at 5AM listening to the singing birds! It was completely calm 0m/s. I DTed after about 5 minutes on each flight to have more time to enjoy & fly in that calm and still early morning air. As you can see on each graph, it show predicted time with the very smooth straight line, which also shows that there were no any kind of activity in the air. It was so calm, that I could hear my own heart beat! One more thing, the air wasn’t “thick” and buoyant  like sometimes we have in Lost Hills. For comparison conditions were like in the final fly off on MAXMEN in 2013 when Makarov won.

Usually it is hard to reach 100 meters mark in those extremely calm conditions with my other models but with my new model it was not a big deal. All of them were consistently around 100m with incredibly similar sink rate. My trim was 1 circle about  minutes. Extremely wide circles and model glided extremely slow and landing almost beside my model box! Tony Mathew joined me a bit later and witnessed how I downloaded  the data from my M&K timer/ Altimeter. I am attaching some photos from my Altimeter! The model I flew was my brand new extra long 2.5 meter LDA model with BE Profile. One thing is for sure that physically it was extremely demanding  experience to launch high in those conditions.

no thermals at VSM

Jama Danier

Invitation to VSM Sunrise flying in Mongolia during World Champs

Hi Freeflight friends,

you are welcome to fly VSM Sunrise in remembrance of VICTOR STAMOV  from July, 21th - August,2nd, 2015  in Mongolia

There is an area of at least 7km by 5km of short smooth grass and therfore ideal for VSM flying.  It is your free choice to select the day, when you will go out at Sunrise (will be around 6:15).

Trim your model with best sinking mode as preparation  to the Fly Offs at the World Championships & Worldcups. More infos  you find under  VSM2015InvitationMongolia

If you have a F1H model, take it with you and fly at the Mogolia CUP  www.creasus.de/ikarus/HEC2015mongolia.pdf

VSM coordinator

a comparision of VSM with usual day contest

Dear friends,

Here you find a comparison –  VSM Flying and normal standard contest  VSM flying benefits

please take not every word litteraly, but see more the great line and new challenges in a new adventure with honorable background and please see the great benefit of trimming your model in best sinking rate, due  at the next contest you Need  this model at the flyoff , to be 1 sec in front of the 2nd for winning.

Everyone of you will decide himself by testing minimum once a time VSM sunrise flying !  If this VSM format isn’t suitable to you, don’t cry and be quiet!
But I’m sure, if you start a VSM Session you will love it and repeat it again !

So you have only to wake up, let your mattress alone, go out to any flying field and fly VSM at sunrise dawning starts

VSM 2015 with NEW rule features more enjoyable for all

Hi all ,

after making experiences with VSM flying and receiving feedback, the VSM rules will be modified and made easier to fly a result in shorter time without big effort.

New VSM feature 2015 are

  1. make minimum 3, maximum 5 unlimited flights
  2. Using altimeter as timekeeper substitute
  3. VSM AltiSim as test with RDT after 3 min
  4. VSM50 - in glider classes F1A50/ F1H50 straight tow with shorter line (40 or 30 or 25m) + launch without acceleration à calculation of flown time proportional to 50m

 If you are missing motivation to fly VSM, read page 2  in this added document   VSM2015new

Wake up and fly long … without thermal !
Enjoy your VSM flights and be happy :)

VSM coordinator

introduction into VSM 2015 – mission and goals


VSM was founded in July 2014  in remembrance of Victor Stamov (UKR)

  • to measure performance of freeflight models in only “glide down modewithout thermal assistance as
    • flown time [in sec]
    • sinking rate [flown time to the ground in sec/ launch height in m]
  • to find a new way of modern timekeeping by using altimeter as proof of flown time to help to reduce timekeeper problems
  • to combine the sunrise event at the very beginning of a completion day to enrich the experience and enjoy our wonderful freeflight sport with both old and new friends alike

Why VSM? www.vsmsunrise.org/Content/presentations/WhyVSM.pdf

Shaping the future: “looking for new adventures“
Having fun together and great moments at sunrise flying

It is up to you to enjoy freeflight in a new Dimension!

NEW in VSM 2015: flying by using altimeter in Freeflight

Altimeter is a modern technical part, which will be used by more and more friends in freeflight models. Due to the problem of performance surplus and therefore more and more sight problems in timing at Fly offs with long flights, it is time to start some more tests also in FF to develop this benefit to us for the future! To make some more experiences. I request your attention on the following usage in VSM and appreciate your assistance by taking part in VSM!
To solve the problem, that it is too difficult to find somebody as timekeeper in the morning, we allow from 2015 on the usage of altimeter as timekeeper. In case of using altimeter as “timekeeper” please upload the graph online and add the height and altimeter type in online entering process on the VSM website.

There are 2 separate features for altimeter usage, which will be calculated, if you enter the optional data like height, altimeter type and upload the graph :
1. “VSM high and fly” – which model has the best gliding rate sec/ m   flying to the ground
If you upload your altimeter graph you take part in this new interesting “VSM high and fly” like automatically all models towed up with 50 m, but no start with gaining height, defined here in VSM as innovative category  F1A-50 or F1H-50 details on page www.vsmsunrise.org/Content/presentations/VSMclasses.pdf

2. new in 2015: ”VSM AltiSim” as test mode with RDT after 3 min
As a special offer to all, who like to participate in VSM, but hasn’t in near home distance a flying field for long flights to the ground and to reach more experience with altimeter usage, it will be also possible to d/t after 3 min and to take from the send graph the notional time by extrapolation of the position 10 sec after highest to the point at 180 sec by prolongation this line to the ground level.
Don’t cry and test it – it is for all the same and therefore comparable!

More basis info you find on FB https://www.facebook.com/groups/VSMsunrise and on VSM website www.vsmsunrise.org.

You need always something new!  Shaping the future: looking for new adventures.“
„ but the air will change to wind and wind let ships sailing … without this spirit Columbus never have explored Amerika !

Let‘s go, start and support a new idea !
If you don’t like it, be silent in remembrance and respect it !
It is clear, that not every has same opinion on that !