VSM 2016 season is running and 50th VSM flight is done … do you are the next ?

Dear VSM friends,

1. actual list of VSM performance

you will find the actual list of all flown VSM sessions in this VSM Blog  under this link:  VSM performance

2. Opening of 2016 season

Gary Madelin flew with  207,3 sec best time in F1H  and Per Findahl with 423,3 sec 2nd best result and great sinking rate of  0,248m/ sec at Fabolous February in Lost Hills ( see the list ).
Last Weekend I went out with the 78 years old german Veteran Wolfgang Schweidler for VSM Season opening flying in Europe. We decide to fly with straigt tow F1H models with short 25m line to have  a real comparision in sinking rate. You don’t need to have  a starting height of 100- 120m  to measure this – with 50 or 25m tow up, you have the same result and much more fun by stressfree flying and enjoying more the sunrise and nature around. You can’t imagine, we were only 2 , due other friends are not coming, but it was such  magnificant and challenging  like  5 Flyoffs. We both  had sooo much pleasure and fun this morning by gliding down from 25m in neutral air and observing every second in near view with open eyes and heart. A meeting with the shooting tenant  and open words from him: you can do , what you want and I do what  I want- eto each his own make this morning to an excellent Motivation happening, that freeflight  is not only : “Higher, longer, further !!” . There is something other in the air, where you can inhale –

IMG_0773            IMG_0782          IMG_0778

Wolfgang flew from 25m height  64 sec  as average time with a sinking rate of 0,392 m/ sec, whereas I flew  with an 40 years old Junior kit from Graupner  (I won the German Junior Champs in 1976 with this model; my first time maxout with  5 maxes) 62,3 sec  as average  with an sinking rate of 0,373 m/sec.   So Wolfgang flew the 50th VSM  session in total !

It was a great VSM moment in honoring Victors great sportsman- and friendships.  Thank you soo much !!!

VSM coordinator


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