VSM Invitation for Fabulous February 2017

Dear participants of Fabulous February,

You are all invited to fly during the FABULOUS February week in Lost Hills a VSM sunrise session in your way – please make at one morning or on different days after sunrise in calm conditions without thermal minimum 3 maximum 5 flights for measuring the “only gliding mode” perfromance of your model. You can do it on contest free days as also on contest day, by using test flight before the contest as VSM flight in case of altimeter usage and RDT after 3 min (version 3: VSM AltiSim). In the class F1G, H, S you can also use the champagne Flyoff of the IKE Winter Classic  at 8″00 with “timing to the ground” as one flight and the 2 other to reach the minimum of 3  make as test flights before IKE and MAXMEN – to be or not be in the VSM Performance list is the now question and a so a must for you. Select your way to do it !!!

Additional feature for more fascination are the new VSM categories in F1A similar to the since 3 years in F1H existing HEC ( F1H EURO CHALLENGE  http://www.creasus.de/ikarus/HECoverview.pdf  ) categories  – read more under  VSMcategories2017 and find your field of activity in the actual performance ranking.

Nothing is as good, that it can’t be improved again – that is also with your models:
Trim your model for best gliding mode, it will help to win the next Fly off
– Be sure, you will enjoy the early morning flying after a beautiful sunrise

There are 3 types of VSM ranking, which are described as overview in VSM2017variant :

  1. VSM time” – which model has the longest flight   -> flying to the ground
  2. VSM sinking rate” – which model has the best gliding rate sec/ m  -> flying to the ground
  3. VSM AltiSim” as test mode with RDT after 3 min

If you like to take part in this VSM series, there is no need of registration anywhere.

  • You go, whenever you want, in the first 2 hours of a morning after sunrise out to the field and
  • fly yourself or as best set up in a group of 5-6 flyers helping and timing each other.
  • It is also a very effective training for great upcoming Fly off’s of these Fabulous February World Cup events.
  • In case of flying with altimeter, please recalibrate before and save the graphs of all flights.

After coming home, you download the VSM startcard, fill in and mail me th form with a nice picture, if you have, and  with the graph in case of Altimeter use ( read

That’s all, YOU have to do and YOU receive a place in the VSM performance list. It is not important to win in VSM – please read www.vsmsunrise.org/Content/presentations/WhyVSM.pdf

Under VSM performance  you find all flown sessions. More infos see in the VSM BLOG http://vsmsunrise.org/blog/

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact me by mail or following VSM promotor in Lost Hills: Walt Ghio, Jim Parker, Brian van Nest, Tony Matthews, Leslie Farkas, Per Findahl, Gary Madelin

Best VSM flights in Lost Hills and during the upcoming year

Ansgar Nüttgens

:-) Enjoy the glance of a sunrise in Lost Hills :-)

LH Sunrise RogerMorell Febr16

5 thoughts on “VSM Invitation for Fabulous February 2017

  1. Hi Ansgar,

    Yes I am happy to try to promote the VSM at Lost Hills. But I do not understand altimeter timing etc. All I do is have a timekeeper [Mrs. Madelin] and will ask Brian Lavis, Brian Van nest and Mike McKeever to fly VSM as well.

    Gary Madelin

  2. Sure Ansgar,
    I can try to promote VSM. I know the schedule is always hectic at LH. But for us ,who stays in a camper at the field this event is nice flying.

    All the best

  3. Thank you answer,

    I’ll try to fly some sunrise flights this year and will encourage as many people as I can to do so also.
    I hope we have some good weather in California this year!

    Tony Mathews

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