VSM is still alive and is waiting on your participation in 2017

Dear Freeflight community,

I like to give you some new information and request you, to try once a time in your life, to fly your freeflight model at  sunrise in “glide to ground mode” to measure the performance . The way of silent flights in this freeflight series VSM will bring you in a new dimension of inner satisfaction and happiness.

The Dutch rule proposal for CIAM meeting in spring to use altimeter as  proof in case of uncorrect timekeeping in fly off give you now the chance to test it, due in VSM since 2 years is possible to fly with altimeter your VSM session alone as also shorten the time by D/T after 3 minutes and taking advantage by the help of altimeter. So you can make your experiences with the usage of altimeter by flying VSM and testing, how all this happen in practise.

By sending the graph to me, you take part in 2 ranking – VSM time and VSM sinking rate.
There are 3 types of VSM ranking:

  1. VSM time” – which model has the longest flight   -> flying to the ground
  2. VSM sinking rate” – which model has the best gliding rate sec/ m  -> flying to the ground
  3. VSM AltiSim” as test mode with RDT after 3 min

Following regulations make you the VSM life easier

  • by having the possibility to fly at any day during contest weekends, you can fly your 3-5 fligths on several days
  • by flying in F1A now also like in F1H in different categories with nearly same starting height as start of flight compare your performance with equals
    so you measure your performance with same and not only with the top scorer, where you have no chance to reach :-)
  • you find the definition and explanation of the categories in F1H and F1A under  VSMcategories2017  and see  your field of activity in the actual ranking.

In F1A classic around 280 sec, F1A LDA around 300 sec and with F1A Flapper over 400 sec are the top scorer and you can try your best.  It doesn’t mus be always: “The winner takes it all !”- therefore exist no places in VSM  – you are all winner by making new experiences and having fun during this morning adventure.

You can find in the actual VSM performance  of all flown results also examples of  the rules and some background.

Have a nice VSM flying session in 2017


:-)  here you can see photos with memories of my different morning sessions in Germany –
isn’t that not a wonderful view  and a reason to stand up early and let your mattress alone at home ?

20160807_061645 20160827_065149-1 20160827_063718 20160827_06393020160924_073240

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