Invitation for VSM flying during HEC finale in Panensky Tynec/ CZE

Dear free flight friends!

the great HEC series will have as highpoint of the season a HEC finale with last HEC contest for qualifying for the HEC  Fly off on October, 29th in Panensky Tynec/ CZE.

We are expecting in total more than 30 F1H  competitors, so please come and be part of this challenging and exciting contest. The actual total HEC ranking is saved under, where you also find the contest bulletin under  Infos HEC final  and the qualification status for the FLY OFF under  qualification Finale 2017

VSM sunrise flying is a good way for you to collect experience for the thermal free time of 1st round and/ or evening or HEC Fly Off. In Panensky Tynec it is also possible to fly these 3-5 flights in the evening after sunset or after sunrise in the morning, due it is late in the year, but dead air must be there. Another possibility is to fly two models, then retrieve both, so you can save time or find your individual own way … be inventive!

So you are all invited to make 3 – 5 flights during the 2 HEC finale days in Panensky Tynec/ CZE according your own timetable

  • on Saturday after Czech Champs between 16″00 and 18″00 or
  • on Sunday morning before HEC contest at 7”00 – 9”00

and trim your models for the Finale FLY OFF!

If you reach the fly off and your model doesn’t show the best glide or is stalling, you know what you have missed: “… a VSM session before! If you want to place in the TOP TEN of this HEC finale you need to test the performance of your model in calm air. Additional VSM information you find in the VSM Blog under and infos of this VSM  VSM2017 Info Panensky Tynec 1017

Come and fly with us a VSM sunrise contest. Bring your F1H model with you and enjoy the glance of HEC with us !

I wish you a successful time at the HEC finale and will be happy to receive your VSM results from the great VSM contest of Panensky Tynec !

Ansgar  Nüttgens

VSM Coordinator

VSM 1704 the glance of sunrise freeflight

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